Ni-Cd / Pb
Victron has a wide range of professional batteries available to install with our equipment. Good batteries are an essential part of a reliable back-up system. High quality batteries make a robust system; therefore we select our batteries with utmost care. Even though our equipment can operate with most international battery brands, based on over 30 years’ experience with assorted battery technologies we recommend the following manufacturers.
ALCAD is our top choice when Ni-Cd battery systems are required. Especially the ALCAD Vantex NG, maintenance free Ni-Cd battery systems. The Vantex new state-of- the-art design virtual eliminates the need to add water throughout the service life of the battery. Vantex NG batteries consistently test above specifications in field discharge tests, are durability with over 20 years’ service life and easy to install.

With the Sonnenschein A400,500,600 and 700, Exide has an exceptional OPzV VRLA battery range with the electrolyte fixed in a gel (dryfit technology). Sonnenschein batteries are very reliable even in non-optimal operating conditions and particularly suitable for cyclic applications. Batteries are available in 6V/12V blocks for smaller capacities and single 2V cells for large capacities (up to 3300AH). The OPzS Classic series open battery is available with capacities up to 3000AH in a single 2V cell.

CELNED long life batteries are especially designed to back-up mission critical applications. Characteristics like high discharge current and fast recharge capability makes CELNED the ideal battery for standard UPS and DC back-up systems. The CELNED batteries are available in capacities from 12AH to 230AH for 12V blocks and up to 3000AH for 2V blocks. CELNED batteries are fully sealed and maintenance free and can be mounted in any position.