Dear Valued Customer

We are well aware that several of our customers are hard hit by the current flooding. With many areas under water, houses, factories and machines are destroyed. Our heartfelt sympathy to all businesses, employees and their families who have been affected.

 Flood Recovery Planning

 An increasing number of customers asked Victron to provide rental units to start basic services like email from temporary offices.

 To answer this need, Victron will make a large number of 6 kVA (LP6-11) available. The GE LP6-11 is sufficient to run email servers and basic application servers.

 Further we will increase our stock of all sizes UPS and spare parts to facilitate the post flood recovery efforts without delay.

 For more information please call your Customer Relation Officer Ms.Chutharat Plyduang at Tel: 0-2951-9229. Victron will do its utmost to facilitate your requests.

 Personally I wish all affected persons and organizations strengths to overcome the hardships and a speedy recovery as we move forward in the weeks to come.

Sincerely Yours,


Jan Willem de Heer
Managing Director