Static Transfer Switch
The TECNED ST-D Static Transfer Switch series is available with single phase input /output 220/230 or 240Vac and current ratings from 25A to 500A.

The ST-D series can be supplied as a 1-pole or 2-pole static switch to meet customer requirements for safety and reliability. Standard features include input V metering, mains S1-S2 out of tolerance alarm and general alarm with potential free contacts and input/output fuse monitoring.

The ST-D includes a digital controller with LCD display that shows the systems current state of operation and system values, allows setting of system parameters and includes event and alarm logs.

Option list ST-D
Extend to 12x PFC (NO/NC) with LED
Individual fuse failure indicator
Fan failure alarm
3-position mechanical bypass
Over temperature
Up to 6 (DIN 96) meters / cabinet

Specifications ST-D 25-500A

Input Voltage
2x 220/230/240 V + N
Voltage tolerance
180 / 264 Vac (Ph-N)
50Hz / 60Hz
Frequency window
2-10% adjustable
Slew rate
1-4Hz/sec (selectable)
Output Transfer type
Break before make
Transfer methods
Automatic / Manual / Remote
Transfer time < 4 msec (S1-S2 synchronized)
< 10 msec (S1-S2 not synchronized)
150% for 1 min. / 200% 10 seconds
Power Factor
0.6 lag to 0.9 lead
General Ambient temperature
-20 to +70 °C storage / -10 to +40 °C operation
Altitude above sea level
1000 m
Aluzinc frame / powder coat RAL 7035
Safety IEC/EN 62040-1 / EMC 55011
IEC 60146 / CE-Label