SG Series UPS
10-40 kVA 3 phase 400 Vac

The GE Digital Energy’s SG family of high-performance UPS systems provides critical power protection for a range of applications. All SG models operate in a double conversion mode (providing true on-line operation), thus providing the highest levels of power reliability. Each UPS is fully compliant with international standards regarding Voltage Frequency Independent (VFI) operation. True VFI technology makes the GE SG an extremely reliable UPS for data security and other demanding critical applications.
This continuous on-line UPS is available in models from 10 kVA up to 40 kVA. For redundant applications, the GE SG can be installed with up to four units in parallel. The systems are controlled in a true peer-to-peer configuration with redundancy in all critical elements and functions utilizing GE Digital Energy’s exclusive Redundant Parallel Architecture (RPA) technology. This advanced technology provides the highest possible system reliability for mission critical applications without single points of failure.
GE Critical Power’s new SG Series 10-40 kW PurePulse Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) with IGBT rectifier provides mission critical facilities with highly reliable, efficient, uninterruptible power in a compact size. The GE Digital Energy’s SG family is supported by world-class training, power quality applications support, and 24 x 7 global services.
features & benefits

  • Clean input performance keeps your supply network clean (<3% THDi , 0.99 input PF)
  • Enhanced output performance with unity (1.0) Output Power Factor
  • High efficiency in double conversion operation
  • Front access for all service and maintenance reducing operational footprint
  • Excellent dynamic response preventing the need for oversizing in case of pulsating loads
  • Inverter zig-zag isolation transformer provides better short circuit capability and load galvanic separation
  • Maintenance bypass integrated in UPS cabinet, no need for external switches